Employee Benefits Plans

The company offers an online benefits estimator tool for those considering employment with Lowe’s or those currently working there. The MyLowesLife portal allows you to learn more about available plans, insurance carriers, and prices. 


The company offers health, dental, vision, and prescription coverage to its employee base. A few benefits will vary by states, such as annual deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses for primary and specialty care, and coverage for generic, brand, and specialty prescriptions. 

MyLowesLife – Employee Benefits Programs

Medical Plans: The medical plans include various programs that can benefit the employees as well as their families. Medical and drug coverage is covered under the plan, along with programs such as telemedicine, diabetes management, and a personal health assistant.  Annual Deductible, Out-of-Pocket maximum, Coinsurance, Primary Doctor offer visit, Specialist Office visit, etc., are some of the add-on medical plans which can benefit the employees. The eligibility for these plans depends on employees fulfilling the various criteria set by the company.

Dental Plans: Lowe’s offers a standalone dental plan administered by CIGNA that offers a preferred provider network for in-network coverage to promote preventive dental care as well as help with dental costs. You will incur higher out-of-pocket costs when you use out-of-network services. The program includes general dental expenses, annual deductible, primary covered preventive services, preventive care benefits, fillings, etc. 

Vision Plans: Lowe’s offers comprehensive vision options administered by VSP. The vision plans have two different categories of plans, namely vision high and vision low. Other features of plans include routine vision exams, laser surgery, lenses and frames for single, bifocal, or trifocal vision, contact lenses, and much more. 

Lowe’s is proud to have built a team of employees that are second to none. The MyLowesLife portal allows employees to learn more about Lowe’s employee benefits.